11 weeks, a few notes

Throwing up apples is the worst. Throwing up peanut butter and syrup (waffles) isn’t so bad. This week I officially found out my due date! It is July 17. It is my best friend’s birthday, which is AWESOME. My first child was due on my birthday but was born two and half weeks later. Child two…

Throw up and Nosebleeds

Throwing up is not fun. I try to avoid it by lying down, snacking on crackers, eating every three hours, or sipping water, but those things don’t always work. Bit of advice: don’t cough while you are tossing your cookies. You might accidentally make throw up shoot out your nose, which does not feel good….

Vegan Broccoli Chee Soup

This is one of my favorite soup recipes. One of the great things about it is that I have yet to ever mess it up. You can alter it quite a bit and it is still delicious. It rests squarely in the ‘quick and easy’ category for us, but you might find it complicated if…

Curry and Risotto

At the beginning of my second pregnancy, we tried a new risotto recipe with shiitake mushrooms. It was delicious, and we had it two or three times. By the final time, however, the sweet flavor of the white wine in the sauce and the shiitake mushrooms combined to be completely nauseating to me. We have…

Morning Sickness

Queasy. That is how I feel. Lying down helps. My current theory on morning sickness (which I know isn’t exclusive to mornings), is that it has a lot to do with having an empty stomach.