Morning Sickness

Queasy. That is how I feel. Lying down helps. My current theory on morning sickness (which I know isn’t exclusive to mornings), is that it has a lot to do with having an empty stomach.

This being my third pregnancy now, I’ve found that if I snack throughout the day I can ward off the nausea that plagues me.

During my first pregnancy, I had a different theory. I spent an entire day on the couch, vomiting everything I ate. I managed to eat two grape tomatoes in the afternoon, but that was it. I was really worried because (1) I knew I needed to eat and (2) the next day, I had to be out all day. As it turned out though, I didn’t throw up once the next day and only felt queasy a few times. After that, I decided that it had been my lazing about and giving in to the nausea that had left me sick and vomiting all day. I decided to be active every day after that because if I was walking around like normal my body would not only demand food but keep it down. Or, so went my theory at the time.

I, currently, have been able to quickly calm my queasy stomach by lying down on my left side. It’s just a quick repose between activities, and then I feel fine again. So I’m not entirely sure about my ‘activity’ theory anymore. Maybe it varies on your overall level of activity/exertion.

Both of my theories however, somewhat explain why “morning sickness” was named the way it was. We don’t eat or exercise at night. Perhaps the nauseous feelings associated with this stage of pregnancy were named “morning sickness” because of the weird transition that occurs after sleeping.

In any case, all I know is, it’s time for a healthy snack…

and maybe some dry heaving over the toilet 😦


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