Curry and Risotto

At the beginning of my second pregnancy, we tried a new risotto recipe with shiitake mushrooms. It was delicious, and we had it two or three times. By the final time, however, the sweet flavor of the white wine in the sauce and the shiitake mushrooms combined to be completely nauseating to me. We have NEVER had the dish again. It was a fluke of my morning sickness (which for me lasts about a month).

Towards the end of my second pregnancy, I was asked in a group meeting what my favorite food was, and I answered “curries.” Since I was the only one there who was pregnant, my answer was the only one that was disregarded as untrustworthy. I get it, but it was also lame of the people there. I love curries. We go through curry faster than any other spice in our house (discounting salt of course).

As I look ahead to the next several weeks of “morning” sickness, I can’t help but worry that some of my favorite foods will suddenly become repulsive to me. It’s easy to assume that anything with strong flavors and fragrances will set my stomach churning, which of course includes curries.

The other night my husband made Coconut Chana Saag with Kale. I had to start off slow, but a few minutes later, I was finishing my third bowl of it. YUM! It’s good news for now, but I’m wondering if I should insist all of our meals for the next month get a good dose of “bland” added to them.


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