Throw up and Nosebleeds

Throwing up is not fun. I try to avoid it by lying down, snacking on crackers, eating every three hours, or sipping water, but those things don’t always work.

Bit of advice: don’t cough while you are tossing your cookies. You might accidentally make throw up shoot out your nose, which does not feel good. I accidentally did that during my last pregnancy. Never again.

Today another unique thing happened while I was succumbing to my morning sickness. My nose started gushing blood. Don’t worry, I’ve been flirting with having a nose bleed all week. It’s cold and dry, and my nose likes to be a sensitive baby about such things. It was funny though, when my nose started dripping blood. I was in the middle of my purge and wasn’t sure if it was snot or a trickle of vomit. Turned out to be neither. Fortunately, toilet paper was close at hand so I didn’t actually drip blood all over the place.

I’d never had a nosebleed while vomiting before. Yay, for new experiences. It’s pretty humorous already, but I’m sure I’ll find it more so once my queasiness subsides. I really hope it doesn’t happen again, though! Morning sickness is the woooooooorst!



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