11 weeks, a few notes

Throwing up apples is the worst. Throwing up peanut butter and syrup (waffles) isn’t so bad.

This week I officially found out my due date! It is July 17. It is my best friend’s birthday, which is AWESOME. My first child was due on my birthday but was born two and half weeks later. Child two was two weeks late as well. So while I don’t expect to actually go into labor on July 17th, it’s fun to keep the date in mind!

I’m really glad to be nearing the end of my morning sickness phase. I can’t remember if it fades out at week twelve or fourteen for me, but either of those is better than never. I count myself as very blessed to not have to suffer through feeling queasy through an entire pregnancy. I enjoy food too much and I can’t wait to get back to scarfing it!


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