Wanting ALL the Food

You know you are getting over the “morning sickness” phase of your pregnancy when you spend all day thinking about food and being vaguely hungry.

Thanks to this blog, I’ve started finding other vegan bloggers. One that I now follow mentioned being on www.findingvegan.com which I of course had to check out. Oh man! the pictures alone will get you right from the start! How had I never heard of this website before? How have I not tried ALL of the recipes?!

To be fair, we are cookbook people. There are several tried and true recipes we use (weekly) that I found online, but usually they are search-specific. I really wanted a classic alfredo recipe for instance, and I found one. (Here it is by the way. Use white wine instead of lemon juice and roast some brussels sprouts as a side!)

Browsing free recipes online doesn’t always guarantee something will taste good, so I’ve tended to avoid recipe sites. BUT, o-m-g the food pictures on findingvegan.com! Yeah…I’m definitely getting over the nausea stage of this pregnancy and moving into “I want to eat everything!” Yay!


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