Baby’s Gender

We had an ultrasound this week. Got to see baby Lantern (fetus name) for the first time! Everything looked good. Before I talk about Lantern’s gender let me give you some back story.

My husband and I didn’t want to know the gender of our first child before delivery. I wanted to be surprised. We temporarily named the baby Lightning while we worked on two names, one for a boy and one for a girl. Then we had the twenty week ultrasound. My husband thought he knew the gender by the sonogram images. Meaning, he saw boy parts. So we confirmed it before we left and found out we were having a boy!

For our second pregnancy, I again didn’t want to know the baby’s gender. We chose the temporary name Lumen in keeping with the light and L theme from our first pregnancy, and I was good. Except…my husband wanted to know! He had the person giving the ultrasound write down Lumen’s gender on a piece of paper for him. I was fine with him knowing in theory, but my husband CANNOT keep a secret. Sure enough, a few weeks later, he accidentally said, “Yeah but she blah blah blah.” And then EVERYONE knew we were having a girl 😀

This time around, my dream of not knowing baby’s gender until birth might actually come true! We successfully made it through the twenty week ultrasound without either of us finding out Lantern’s gender. I’ll inevitably have to have another ultrasound when we get to week 41 and I’m still belly full of baby, but here’s hoping we won’t find out the gender then either!


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